“D” is for Date and also for Disaster

The title of this article is misleading. It suggests that the “D” in date and in disaster is singular (pun unintended). And that a disaster date is merely an isolated event that comes and goes, hopefully never to be repeated. Alas. Continue reading ““D” is for Date and also for Disaster”


Myth busting the Misconceptions and Misunderstandings of Moscow

Russia: the notorious, unusual, legendary, unpopular and infamously hard-nosed country saturated with stereotypes and anti-capitalist customs. Western culture ends at its border, and a new world with a new worldview begins. My plans to visit Russia were met with bewilderment and scepticism by almost everyone I knew.

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Finland: more than just a pretty face?

Every time I visit a Scandinavian country I promise myself it’ll be the last. No more overpriced coffee, cold weather or sensible behaviour. There is more to life than making friends with the sterile and unsexy second cousins of the EU. So after Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway I was done but not done with perfect happy countries. I thought I’d test my patience elsewhere. So off I jolly well went to Finland, on an intrepid journey to search for bizarre attributes of Scandinavia’s last perfect land that I hadn’t thoroughly criticised. Continue reading “Finland: more than just a pretty face?”

It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Throws A Racquet

It is the unspoken duty of all lawyers to raise awareness on often sensitive and contentious issues, such as environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility. As the very sensible and serious lawyer that I am, I too must do my part to encourage the world to be a better place, one squash game at a time. Continue reading “It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Throws A Racquet”

How to be a Lawyer

Being a lawyer is more straightforward than most think. There are a few tricks of the trade that can be learned. Sure, getting the degree, doing the post-graduate admission course, getting admitted to the bar and taking an affirmation, finding a job, selling your soul, giving up your weekends, living in constant fear of being sued, waking up in the middle of the night because you’ve missed a deadline for serving documents, are all necessary evils.

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Learn to Love your Train Commute

Photo Credit: Alex Sorto, Unsplash

For the first few days, I was officially off meat after commuting to London for the weekday grind in similar conditions to that of a cattle truck. But unlike most cows in a confined space, there are no moo’s or groans. Everyone remains quiet and pretends their nose is not resting on the top of someone’s head or that they can’t smell pungent armpit. It is the most “outside of comfort zone” any remotely claustrophobic or stanch nay-sayer of cheap flights on budget airlines could ever dare to be. It left me half hoping an oxygen mask would drop down from the ceiling and I wasn’t even on the tube yet.

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