The 4th of July: Celebrate even if you’re not American

If you drink coffee but cross the road when you see a Starbucks, carry a handkerchief instead of a gun and spell your words correctly without a ‘zee’ then you cannot possibly be American. Don’t despair, being English is not so bad. In time, you may even come to defend tea and scones with the same rigour the Americans defend their constitutional rights.

Being American looks like fun, provided you’re not in an international airport at border control. Americans are always positive and generally speaking, see the glass as half full. If you’re English, the all-American positive approach to life is unrealistically optimistic, unnecessary and exhausting. With only 28 days of actual sunlight a year, being English means there is not enough Vitamin D in the country’s atmosphere to lift the mood of the population. Fortunately, this has created a generally accepted culture and social habit that is of great fondness and national pride: complaining. Once you get started, the topics are endless! We are blessed living in a country with so much to complain about, none of us will ever run dry of conversation. The weather, Brexit and of course the NHS are the most over-complained about subjects – but please, don’t get me started.

The USA may be the big cheese, but we can hold our own Stilton. So on a day that’s all about America, there are 2.5 things to leverage British National pride:

  • Although I have not been to America for some time, I am not convinced they have the same selection of boutique gins and tonics. You can keep your Bud and your Coors Light, nobody makes more friends than a G&T.
  • They may have more theme parks, including Disneyland but we have Butlins which is… a unique experience.
  • We have Royal weddings. Now that America has Trump and his clan, there could be lavish Trump weddings at Trump Tower. I’m envisioning American flag bridesmaids’ dresses and many live and controversial tweets from Mr President himself. But for now, we can hold on to days of class and tradition.

We have so much to embrace… Who’d have thought?

Be proud to be British, even if you are missing out on outlandish celebrations, American flag piñatas and marching band brigades. We can make the most of our Wednesday by enjoying the sun’s long stay guest appearance and Pimms – to give the tea a rest for once.



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