Airport Pat downs: a cry for long lost human affection?

I am sure airport pat downs are getting more invasive each time I fly. That said, there is nothing quite like being manhandled by a complete stranger in a wholly legal manner. Hell, everyone enjoys it in very select circumstances. Continue reading “Airport Pat downs: a cry for long lost human affection?”


Learn to Love your Train Commute

Photo Credit: Alex Sorto, Unsplash

For the first few days, I was officially off meat after commuting to London for the weekday grind in similar conditions to that of a cattle truck. But unlike most cows in a confined space, there are no moo’s or groans. Everyone remains quiet and pretends their nose is not resting on the top of someone’s head or that they can’t smell pungent armpit. It is the most “outside of comfort zone” any remotely claustrophobic or stanch nay-sayer of cheap flights on budget airlines could ever dare to be. It left me half hoping an oxygen mask would drop down from the ceiling and I wasn’t even on the tube yet.

Continue reading “Learn to Love your Train Commute”


How to Survive a Night in a Berlin Squat

Kopi 137: Courtesy of

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Competitive Scrabble players wearing Hawaiian print dresses and absent of facial piercings, do not present themselves at the gates of a Berlin squat. Continue reading “How to Survive a Night in a Berlin Squat”


Release Your Inner History Geek

If you’d asked me two weeks ago what I thought about people dressing up in historical costumes and recanting battle scenes for a hobby, I would have said it sounds like a sure way to stay off drugs and alcohol. Continue reading “Release Your Inner History Geek”


Advice from a Child Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs and 20-something startup millionaires are the new definitions of success. These bright sparks are the 28-year-old (or younger) founders of Spotify, Airbnb, LivingSocial, Dropbox, Facebook and Tumblr, which is a rather hard act to follow. Continue reading “Advice from a Child Entrepreneur”


3 Things About Switzerland Guidebooks Left Out

I have recently ventured into the most expensive, organised, safe and prosperous country in the world (well not the most prosperous but a close 11th). Continue reading “3 Things About Switzerland Guidebooks Left Out”


The 24 Hour No Phone “Challenge”

Today, I came to the end of a journey few would bother to venture. After 23.5 hours of disconnect, I turned my phone on.  Continue reading “The 24 Hour No Phone “Challenge””


How To Solve Your First World Problems

Generation X and Y have redefined the meaning of a problem. There are now two categories: real problems and then first world problems. Sure, life’s no bed of roses, but generally speaking, we’ve had the luxury of creating more frivolous concerns to keep. We’ve turned collecting parking fines, ripping suit pants exiting taxis and battling fast food cravings on bikini body diets into a full-time occupation. Continue reading “How To Solve Your First World Problems”


5 Skills To Better Manage Conflict

Co-written with Sarah Dukes, Director of Peymac Mediations.

Whether you’re a solicitor or President of your local Spanish Club, you’re bound to run into a conflict of interests, the clash of opinion, or perhaps even a full-blown war with someone at work. Life’s too busy to be putting out fires. That said, occasionally, we can’t avoid bumping into highly flammable people. Continue reading “5 Skills To Better Manage Conflict”


Choose Golf to Practice at Life

There are few socially acceptable situations in life where it’s perfectly normal to be armed with a set of 10 potentially dangerous rods of steel and dress like a total gimp. Continue reading “Choose Golf to Practice at Life”