Why Real Talk on Work Needs to Happen

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At first glance, people may think litigation is similar to an episode of Suits; high-profile, good-looking, rich, swanky lawyers fighting for their client’s rights in Court, verbally down-trowing their opponent and winning the day with a finale of high-fives all round, and top shelf scotch whisky on the company credit card.

Sadly, it’s quite to the contrary. Firstly, there are not nearly enough good-looking lawyers in this world. And secondly, none of the above-described scene showcases the stress, the blood, sweat, and tears that occur behind the scenes when servicing clients. Or, the usual office politics that exists in all work environments. But no one likes to talk about that part.

I write to fight bravely in the face of stereotypes and tell it like it is. Post-graduate life is not dazzling and glamorous, it’s hard. For the most part, it doesn’t live up to expectations – so let’s not pretend. I’m here to share a few wise words from lessons I always seem to learn the hard way. But mainly, I write to laugh about all the slightly tactless and dorky things I’ve done and the bizarre events that have happened to me.

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