Why Your Boss Isn’t Listening To You

Why doesn’t anyone listen to me? It’s a question we may have asked ourselves or heard often enough. It’s not, however, a question we often search an answer for. Continue reading “Why Your Boss Isn’t Listening To You”


Old-school practices: Can they teach us how to break bad business habits?

For Generation Y and our modern first world problems, battling a Candy Crush addiction, or choosing what to have for dinner on Tinder may be the most arduous tribulation contemplated all day. In between managing our daily stresses, we may begin to wonder: how did we get from allowing three business days to respond, to expecting an email reply within a few hours?

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Boss Talks: Nicole Billet from Teddington Legal

Nicole Billet, Boss Talks

Nicole is the CEO and Managing Director of Teddington Legal, a Legal Virtual Practice and Chambers that provides legal solutions for corporate and commercial law lawyers. I sat down with Nicole to get her take on creating and directing a business from scratch in a competitive industry, and what it takes to manage and foster a successful working environment. Continue reading “Boss Talks: Nicole Billet from Teddington Legal”

Why your worst fears are nothing to be afraid of

Fear needs no invitation to rear its ugly head.  Fear takes many forms: from fearing heights to a severe case of arachibutyrophobia (fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one’s mouth, a common enough phobia to have it’s own name). Continue reading “Why your worst fears are nothing to be afraid of”

Three cheers for men on International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day (8 March 2017)! It’s an important day, and at the very least, a great opportunity to mock misogynistic Facebook memes, enjoy the odd feminist rap battle, or participate in aggressively passionate poetry slams down at your local library. Continue reading “Three cheers for men on International Women’s Day”

“No” really means try harder: How to deal with rejection

‘No’ is a hard word to hear, because it’s a form of rejection, and rejection feels like taking a basketball to the face.

It’s easy to get deflated after suffering a knock to the ego when you receive a ‘we regret to inform you…’ email, a head shake and a sigh from the boss, or a sour face from a prospective client. Who says you have to accept no as a final decision? Final is never really final. Continue reading ““No” really means try harder: How to deal with rejection”

Nobody ‘owes’ you a job: How to step up your game so you’re not left behind 

I often hear graduates complain about their job hunting struggles and the relentless nature of the working world that’s leaving them on the bleachers. It hurts to think about all that money spent on a piece of paper, that translates to little more than a participation award. An ‘investment’ in your future that’s proving to be about as valuable as an expired lottery ticket. Continue reading “Nobody ‘owes’ you a job: How to step up your game so you’re not left behind “

The power of No: How to be assertive

The term ‘assertive’ gets thrown around a lot. We suggest ‘being assertive’ when standing up for yourself at work, to your family, friends, and in a relationship. We may shy away from assertive behaviour because we don’t like confrontation or think that speaking your mind may offend people. We often confuse ‘assertive’ with ‘aggressive’ – there is a big difference between the two.

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Why you should stop blaming your boss

We’re all guilty – we can’t help but have a little whine and a moan about the head honcho of the office every now and again (or more regularly than that if we’re being honest).

It feels good to vent and band together with fellow colleagues about the injustices, trials, and tribulations of the workplace. Finally, a topic everyone can contribute to! Continue reading “Why you should stop blaming your boss”