Ideas that make the world a better place – but not really

Life is full of problems. Fortunately, some have taken it upon themselves to create solutions to issues that no one knew needed solving. But where’s the fun in that? Continue reading “Ideas that make the world a better place – but not really”


It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Throws A Racquet

It is the unspoken duty of all lawyers to raise awareness on often sensitive and contentious issues, such as environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility. As the very sensible and serious lawyer that I am, I too must do my part to encourage the world to be a better place, one squash game at a time. Continue reading “It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Throws A Racquet”

How to be a Lawyer

Being a lawyer is more straightforward than most think. There are a few tricks of the trade that can be learned. Sure, getting the degree, doing the post-graduate admission course, getting admitted to the bar and taking an affirmation, finding a job, selling your soul, giving up your weekends, living in constant fear of being sued, waking up in the middle of the night because you’ve missed a deadline for serving documents, are all necessary evils.

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