5 Skills To Better Manage Conflict

Co-written with Sarah Dukes, Director of Peymac Mediations.

Whether you’re a solicitor or President of your local Spanish Club, you’re bound to run into a conflict of interests, the clash of opinion, or perhaps even a full-blown war with someone at work. Life’s too busy to be putting out fires. That said, occasionally, we can’t avoid bumping into highly flammable people. Continue reading “5 Skills To Better Manage Conflict”


The power of No: How to be assertive

The term ‘assertive’ gets thrown around a lot. We suggest ‘being assertive’ when standing up for yourself at work, to your family, friends, and in a relationship. We may shy away from assertive behaviour because we don’t like confrontation or think that speaking your mind may offend people. We often confuse ‘assertive’ with ‘aggressive’ – there is a big difference between the two.

Continue reading “The power of No: How to be assertive”

Why you should stop blaming your boss

We’re all guilty – we can’t help but have a little whine and a moan about the head honcho of the office every now and again (or more regularly than that if we’re being honest).

It feels good to vent and band together with fellow colleagues about the injustices, trials, and tribulations of the workplace. Finally, a topic everyone can contribute to! Continue reading “Why you should stop blaming your boss”