Boss Talks: Nicole Billet from Teddington Legal

Nicole Billet, Boss Talks

Nicole is the CEO and Managing Director of Teddington Legal, a Legal Virtual Practice and Chambers that provides legal solutions for corporate and commercial law lawyers. I sat down with Nicole to get her take on creating and directing a business from scratch in a competitive industry, and what it takes to manage and foster a successful working environment. Continue reading “Boss Talks: Nicole Billet from Teddington Legal”


Why you should stop blaming your boss

We’re all guilty – we can’t help but have a little whine and a moan about the head honcho of the office every now and again (or more regularly than that if we’re being honest).

It feels good to vent and band together with fellow colleagues about the injustices, trials, and tribulations of the workplace. Finally, a topic everyone can contribute to! Continue reading “Why you should stop blaming your boss”